Association regulations

1 §

The name of the Association is Harley-Davidson Club Finland and its registered address is the City of Helsinki.

2 §

The purpose of the Association is to develop enthusiasm for Harley-Davidsons in Finland, and to stay in touch with foreign enthusiasts and organisations. To achieve this goal, the Association organises gatherings and charity rides, social evenings, traffic awareness events, publishes a club magazine, and aims to arouse interest in motorbikes through its public activities and other corresponding methods.

3 §

Any person at least 16 years of age can become a member of the Association if the Board approves their membership application.

The name of the person accepted into the Association will be recorded in the membership register, which will also contain other personal data of the new member. A member card is issued to every person accepted into the Association.

Members of the Association have the right to leave the Association with a three (3) month’s written notice submitted to the Board or its Chairman, or after announcing their intention to be included in the minutes of an Association meeting.

By the Board’s decision, a member of the Association can be removed from the Association if they have not paid their membership fee for more than three months since its original due date, or if their actions in the Association or outside of it prevent the achievement of the Association’s goals, or damage the Association’s reputation.

Any member removed from the Association has the right to have the Board’s decision reviewed by a general meeting upon thirty (30) days’ notice to the Chairman after receiving information about the removal. Based on this notification, the Board is obliged to discuss the removal at the next general meeting after the Chairman of the Board has received the notification.

The membership fees of the association will be decided by the AGM. The membership fee must be paid at a time specified by the Board.

The AGM of the Association is held in July, and it will include the following items:

1)    submission of the Association’s annual report, accounts and auditors’ statement;

2)    confirmation of the financial statement of the previous accounting period;

3)    decision on granting account and liability discharges to the Board, or any relevant measures regarding the Board and the auditors’ statement;

4)    making a decision on the size of the membership fees;

5)    every second year, elections of the Chairman of the Board and other Board members,

6)    selection of two auditors and two deputy auditors for checking the management and accounts of the previous accounting period;

7)    handling any other business included by the Board or the members of the Association on the meeting invitation.

Extraordinary meetings of the Association are held when the Board considers it necessary, or when at least one twentieth (1/20) of all members of the Associations request such a meeting in writing for a particular reason.

A meeting of the Association is convened with a notification posted at least fourteen (14) days before the meeting in the club magazine, the Association’s website, or in a letter posted to the members. Other notifications to the members of the Association will be delivered in the same way.

The affairs of the Association are managed by the Board, selected for a period of two (2) years by the AGM. The Board includes a Chairman and six members. The members of the Board select one Board member to be Vice Chairman, and another as Secretary, and will obtain other officers required by the Association from among the Board members or elsewhere.

The Board meetings are convened by the Chairman, or in their absence by the Vice Chairman, if there is a reason to have a meeting or if at least half of the Board members request to have a meeting.

The Board is quorate if at least half of its members, including the Chairman or the Vice Chairman is present. All voting is decided by simple majority vote. In case of a draw, the Chairman will have the deciding vote; except during elections when the result will be decided by lot.


The Chairman and the Vice Chairman are separate authorized signatories of the Association.


The accounting period of the Association is a period of twelve (12) months, starting on 1 May of each calendar year. The financial statement and annual report for the previous accounting period must be prepared during the month of May, and submitted to the auditors before 1 June.


The auditors must submit a written annual report, addressed to the AGM of the Association, to the Board before 1 July, with an overview of the audit of the Board and accounts.


The Association shall use any income generated from membership fees, donations, exhibitions and recreational events, or from other sources on funding its operations.


Any changes made to the rules of the Association must be decided upon by supermajority vote, in accordance with the votes cast at the AGM.


If the Association no longer operates, its assets will be used for promoting motorbike-related hobbies in Finland, in accordance with the AGM’s decision.